Photo by Melissa Kate Photography

At Hazel + Dolly, we’re all about honoring the nostalgia of hand-written correspondence. We take that craft, add some sass and modern design, and print it on antique letterpress equipment to give you a product worth sending.

Inspired by sarcasm + pen pals, fueled by La Croix + house plants, and outfitted in big hats + floral skirts, Rachael Barlock owns and operates Hazel + Dolly in Detroit, Michigan.

We also care about the environment and use locally sourced and sustainable materials whenever possible. H+D paper is purchased from French Paper Co., an independent and 100% hydropowered paper manufacturer in Niles, Michigan, & our letterpress plates are made at Owosso Graphics, a photoengraver based in Owosso, Michigan.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my line!